I need a coffee.

Hi, I'm Sask. I usually start working after a cup of coffee.
I love to make things like gifs, comics and dorky illustrations.

IG, snapchat, twitter: saskiakeultjes

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  2. nanbeishanren answered: sweet girl
  3. vialla answered: Game of Thrones marathon
  4. lethinnermebe answered: I went to bed at 7pm something and just woke up haha … that’s what I get for going out on a Thursday night haha
  5. burtontracks said: I’ll finish - I try to paint try to tumblr try to aquaint my voice in a thousand jumblr
  6. burtontracks answered: I
  7. loopthelambdoid answered: I have stayed up all night reading Girls With Slingshots and now I don’t know what to do with my life h m god my eyes are so dry why no augh
  8. gypsylovely said: Nice ✌️